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Battlemoose, based in Alberta Canada, focuses on Electronic Music, including Ambient, Dark Ambient, Soundscape, IDM and Soundtrack. Enjoy your visit - and if you're so inclined - connect on social media.

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After a very interesting back-and-forth on Soundcloud, Alberto (an Italian artist from Milan) and I decided to do a collaboration together. We did this work together in early 2017. Alberto's idea was simple but ingenious. I would do a track. He would add to it, but what he added to it, needed to be able to stand alone as its own track. So we're left with A (Alberto) + B (Battlemoose) = C  (Combined). For my tracks, all the environmental ambiences were captured near my home. Some things are sped up some are slowed down. Interesting stuff ...have a listen! ... In 2018 we managed to meet face to face to face for the first time, enjoy a few beers together, and talk about music. A truely memorable occasion :) 

Most recently (2019) I completed a project together with Dean Mason of Gnostic Gorilla and Bleeding Raven fame. We've been in touch for a while and thought we'd try something a bit off the beaten path. I'm into the old-school electronic and ambient stuff and Dean is breaking new ground in aggrotech and black metal. We called the project Luna Melancalia. Definitely cutting some new ground here. I think we pulled off something interesting and original with this one :) ...give it a listen!

In 2019 Zumaia from a new netlabel, Kalamine Records reached out to include Mind Monkey in KR's second compilation. Lovely compilation I'm honoured to part of. Have a listen to rest of the tracks!


in 2016 John from Jupiter Sounds approached me about doing something new and spacy. I was interested in the challenge. At the time I was going through a bit of a Dark Ambient phase, so the time was right for it. Still came right out of that experimentation. Around the same time, I discovered a website that merged police radio chatter with ambient music, and I was intrigued by the idea. Stasis came from capturing a chunk of real-time police radio chatter and then shaping the music around it. It was a full moon in June - Chicago if it matters. Have a listen :) 

in 2018 Colin Lynch (who I've been friends with for some time) reached out and asked if I wanted to collaborate on a track of his album "Philae and Rosetta" which he was working on. Up to that point, we'd yarred on endlessly about old-school 70's and 80's electronic stuff and 60's/70's progressive music in general. The fruit was ripe for the picking! We both have a solid overlap in terms of music we both like so this was a really nice fit. Among other things I added the ARP 2600, the big whooshes (to represent the gravity assists), and a few other bits to his already solid underpinnings. I really enjoy this track and getting to where we did with it. Track 7 (Gravity Assist) is the one we did together but give the whole album a listen - you'll be happy you did!

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